Second Opinion Review


Your life’s goals and dreams are not something to take chances with. When it comes to your financial plan, you deserve complete confidence that your hard work is fueling the life you want to live—and the best way to do that is to get an expert’s opinion.


Our review service is just what it sounds like—an unbiased, professional opinion about your current financial strategies. We look for any disjointed or fragmented components of your financial plan, and we address pressing questions you might have like:

  • Will my wealth effectively support my Freedom Day?
  • Am I leveraging all my opportunities effectively?
  • Is there a simpler way to manage my money?
  • Will I get to leave the legacy I envision for my loved ones?
  • Am I paying too much in taxes?

How Does
It Work?

When we meet with you, we appraise your financial situation and help you determine if you’re on the right track for your goals. We’ll look for potential gaps or fractured components in your financial plan and show you ways your wealth can operate with greater intention and efficiency.

What Does
It Cost Me?

Our second opinion review is completely complimentary. If we identify disjointed or missing pieces in your plan, we’re happy to help you implement solutions, but you’re not obligated to leverage our services following your review.

Do You Tell My Current Advisor I’m Getting
a Second Opinion?

That’s completely up to you—if you’d rather your review remain confidential, we won’t reach out to your current advisors. However, if we identify ways we can collaborate with professionals you already know and trust, we’re happy to connect with them and create a coordinated plan.